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24+ Aztec Chili Recipe Gif

24+ Aztec Chili Recipe
. This is a delicious chili that i found in a garage sale. This bitter, spicy aztec drink is what modern 'hot chocolate' is based from.

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Aztec chili salad recipe salad recipes from razzle dazzle recipes a variety of salad recipes, including vegetable salads, macaroni salad recipes, coleslaw recipes, fruit salads, gelatin salads. Aztec cuisine is the cuisine of the former aztec empire and the nahua peoples of the valley of mexico prior to european contact in 1519. If you don't have mezcal on hand, you can still make this spicy and delicious hot chocolate—try using aged rum or tequila.

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3/4 cup of darkest powdered ancho chiles [or about 10 dried pods, destemmed toasted. And then cook them for 10+ minutes in the microwave until they pierce easily with a fork. After this you will be a chili master. 1 lb grnd beef, 1 pkt lawry.